Want to learn more about the people behind the Brew? This series will give you the answers to the most important questions (and some not-so-important questions) you may want to ask. This week, we’re chatting with Paige Knight, our Copywriter.

  1. Where did you grow up? This is always a tricky one for me! I was born in Las Vegas (I guess what happens there, doesn’t always stay there), moved to Covington as an infant and then spent my high school years in the Nashville area. But, I’ve always had purple and gold running through my veins, so once I came to Baton Rouge for college, there was no turning back.
  2. What do you do for fun? I’m either doing something really active like playing sand volleyball or something really inactive like binge-watching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time – there is no in-between.
  3. Did you always want to be a copywriter? I think I’ve always wanted to do something creative. At one point, I thought I wanted to be a graphic designer. Then I realized I can’t draw at all (seriously, you don’t want me on your Pictionary team)! I honestly haven’t always been a big reader, either, which made me skeptical to follow a career in copywriting. But something just clicks when I’m presented with a challenge that can be solved through the perfect combination of strategy and messaging.
  4. What’s your favorite brew? On the clock, I run on cold brew. After hours, I love a good sour or gose! My favorite at the moment is Urban South’s Rocket Pop Gose.
  5. What’s your top Brew core value and why? “Always do the right thing,” because I think kindness and honesty are extremely important to have in all aspects of life, especially in a business environment.
  6. Favorite local lunch spot? There are so many to choose from! One of my leading favorites right now is Elsie’s Plate & Pie – I haven’t had anything from there that I didn’t like.
  7. What’s one fact about yourself that most people would be surprised to hear? While I pride myself on being very organized and structured in most aspects of my life, my sock drawer is complete and utter chaos… and I kind of like it. Everyone’s got to let loose some time!
  8. Which fictional character (tv show, movie, or book) do you most identify with? I definitely don’t identify with her in all aspects, but I’d have to say Rory Gilmore – she’s a quirky, quick-witted writer who is often shy, but she knows when to speak out and fight for what she wants.
  9. What’s your ideal birthday celebration? Going to a private screening of Mean Girls with my friends… which I may or may not have already done. In all seriousness, just having a good time with those that are closest to me!
  10. Who do you want to be when you grow up? “I am Beyonce, always.”

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