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    Chris’ Pharmacy of Maurepas, Louisiana came to us with an exciting new program they planned to launch in 2016. Generics ToGo™ is a 90, 180, 270 or 360 day generic drug program that delivers prescriptions to your door for a convenient, affordable pharmacy experience.

    The Brew team was asked to concept and execute the branding for this project from the ground up. From coming up with the name, to building the website, we had the opportunity to do it all for this new program! The true challenge in branding this program was getting the audience to change a habitual aspect of their lives by switching to Generics ToGo. Our team strived to create a unique brand identity that would rise to the challenge and launch this program as a leader amongst local pharmacy programs.

Chris' Pharmacy Generics ToGo Branding

Chris Pharmacy Generics ToGo Website