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brand awareness and drive sales

In today’s fast pace world, delivering a compelling message that actually influences behavior is harder than ever. In order to get your message to resonate and make an impact, it’s important to define your target market, articulate your message quickly, creatively and get it in front of your audience as frequently as possible.

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Understanding your business goals first influences what marketing tactics we recommend. Here are a few examples of our specialized services to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

  • Media Strategy
    Pulling good media research can provide a clear look at any audience. Understanding who they are and how they use media is paramount in the success of any advertising campaign. Using qualitative data against quantitative data to develop a strategic media plan gives us customer insight necessary to achieve our marketing objectives. As a part of the overall business and communications plan, we want to ensure that media (whether traditional or new, earned or paid) isn’t in a silo, but working in parallel with all other marketing efforts.
  • Integrated Advertising Campaigns
    Successful advertising has the power to do many things. However, capturing the attention of an audience then inspiring them to take action is our ultimate aim. Every company, product or service has a primary message that needs to be discovered. That message must differentiated from the competition and delivered in a way that's clear and relatable to its audience. Backed with proper research and strategy, our creative concepts can be designed to build brand awareness or drive sales.
  • Collateral & Sales Materials
    Well-crafted sales and marketing materials can enhance your brand's image and also leave a lasting impression with your current or potential customers. Leaving the right impression builds value which ultimately generates sales. Our designs are always personalized and made custom just for you and your brand.
  • Digital Marketing
    There are countless digital marketing opportunities that can help you achieve your business goals. Search engine optimization, social media, Google AdWords, display advertising, email marketing and the list goes on! The question is – which opportunities are going to be most effective in reaching your target audience? That's where our expertise comes in hand. Proper planning along with a targeted strategy can keep your budget working in your favor.  
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  • Our work is thoughtful and strategic. Problem solving is what get us up in the morning.

  • We have experience in both traditional and digital advertising environments.

  • We may be small, but we’ve got heart, and our business model is such that we can be as large as you need us to be.

But Don't Take it From Us...

quotationBrew Agency has provided our corporation with comprehensive marketing strategies that have positively impacted our business community. From media planning to website development, event branding to collateral design, our mission was always at the forefront of every decision made with Brew. Marie Powell and her team are versatile, collaborative and continue to go above and beyond with every project.”

Mike Eades
Ascension Economic Development Corp, Executive Director (Former)
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