Meet Our

Strategy & Creative Team

Marie Brewer Powell
  • Marie Brewer Powell


    Marie inspires creativity and leadership across the agency, working closely with clients to discover the magnetic virtue that moves their brand forward.

    With 20 years of branding, design and advertising experience, Marie has led the development of integrated branding and advertising campaigns for local, national and global brands. Because of Marie’s strategic advertising background, the team at Brew Agency is driven 100% by results. She and her team have a no-limits attitude and have received dozens of awards for their creativity from the American Advertising Federation.

    Marie spent the first half of her career working on the creative side of advertising, leading branding projects and multi-media campaigns. Knowing her passion was to help clients discover, define and articulate their company vision and brand promise, she spent the second half of her career building her own agency – to do just that.

    Now as CEO of Brew Agency, she remains hands-on providing strategic insights to her team and clients. With a highly efficient and talented team she ensures that strategy and research goes into every decision made to meet their client’s goals and deliver results. Over her career, she’s worked across a multitude of industries for hundreds of clients such as Organic Valley, Rejuvenation, Marquis Companies, Perkins Rowe, LA Workforce Commission, LSU Athletics and KFC.

Casey Cheshier
  • Casey Cheshier

    Account Director

    Casey brings a masterful combination of strategic leadership, client service and creativity to the agency through meaningful connection and genuine enthusiasm.

    After earning a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Texas at Arlington, Casey originally stepped into the world of advertising as a Copywriter. She soon found herself moonlighting on the Account Service team as she began attending client meetings, and eventually, managing her own accounts, which is where she found her true calling. Over two decades later, Casey is still passionately on the front lines as a trusted partner and strategic leader for clients, serving as the agency’s Account Director.

    Casey infuses humor and humanity into her leadership style, seeing the big picture, while also understanding the importance of connection. Her in-depth knowledge across multiple industries has proven highly successful, leading national campaigns for clients including AT&T, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Deloitte, Direct Energy and Hewlett Packard. Her expertise spans across DTC, B2C and B2B markets, with a core focus on retail, finance, real estate and branding.

    When recently asked what she loved the most about being an Account Director, Casey replied, “There’s something special about developing a rapport and trust with a client, with a shared goal of helping their business succeed. This helps foster a true partnership, and to me, that’s where the real magic happens.”

Lyndell Morrissey
  • Lyndell Morrissey

    Media Director & Buyer

    Lyndell thrives in a fast-paced environment. She has bought media in 27+ markets, developed strategic media partnerships across the country and will not stop until the job is done right.

    Lyndell is a media and marketing professional with extensive years of experience including media buying, media agency management, marketing partnership negotiations and management, strategic planning, cross-functional leadership, relationship building and project management. Her extensive experience with Coca-Cola marketing partnerships include Six Flags, NCAA Final Four, Simon Malls, and iHeartMedia Sprite Lounge. Lyndell is loyal, collaborative and since joining Brew Agency in 2018 accelerated its media buying capabilities.

    Most of Lyndell’s extensive media career was within different locations of Coca Cola North America where she managed media budgets upwards of $65MM. Lyndell developed various integrated media plans, directing a team of planners at Coca-Cola’s national agency of record, to produce strategies and architectures that are grounded in the core creative ideas, utilizing owned, earned, shared and paid contact points to produce winning connections plans.

Chelsea Lavigne
  • Chelsea Lavigne

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    Chelsea’s knack for data and analytics has proven to deliver results. She brings together cross-functional teams that meet client goals and enhance the customers’ digital experience.

    Chelsea was on the LSU Women’s Soccer team for four years and captain her senior year. Her soccer mentality led to her drive for success and leadership within her work at Brew. She manages social media and blog content, SEO and SEM campaigns, and many other digital tactics for a variety of B2B and B2C clients.

    Through an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses, Chelsea finds targeted, innovative ways to connect brands to consumers online. She is strategic, data-driven and solutions-oriented, always researching new methods for digital marketing tactics and new media. She also helps track media invoices and works with the accounting department to ensure media campaigns are organized and tracking properly against the budget flowcharts.

    Chelsea graduated Cum Laude from Louisiana State University with a degree in Mass Communication and concentration in Digital Advertising and a Minor in Business. She has traveled to over 24 countries with hopes to see as much of the world as she can.

Elizabeth Roper
  • Elizabeth Roper

    Account Manager

    Elizabeth comes to the agency world with a background in museums and nonprofits, equipped with the ability to interact with clients and businesses of all disciplines and sizes.

    After graduating from Birmingham-Southern College with a degree in business and art history, she sought to further her expertise in the field, attending Georgetown University’s Museum Studies program. During this time, she interned at the Smithsonian and spent a semester in London at Sotheby’s Institute, studying the Asian art market. Post graduation, Elizabeth pursued her dual love of business and creative in her next role as a content developer at Ralph Appelbaum Associates, a museum exhibition design firm headquartered in New York. She spent 5 years working on major projects including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the National Nordic Museum, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, and the National Veteran's Memorial & Museum.

    Returning to Baton Rouge to be closer to family, Elizabeth brought her unique skill set to the Baton Rouge Area Chamber as policy project manager where she worked closely with regional business owners, City-Parish leadership, and community stakeholders on initiatives ranging from litter abatement to COVID recovery for small businesses. Her love of all things creative drew her to a position with local marketing firm, SASSO Agency, where she learned the ins and outs of advertising, campaign creation, media placement, and account management.

    Elizabeth is inherently motivated by her curiosity. Her parents instilled in her an instinct to dig deeper, look more closely, and never stop questioning. This characteristic continues to play itself out across her career in museums, public policy, and now branding – all highly complex areas ripe for discovering something fascinating.

Katie Bourg
  • Katie Bourg

    Senior Graphic Designer / Video Editor

    Katie is known for her speed and production skills, providing clients with high-quality design solutions across print, video and any digital medium.

    Katie began her career as a graphic designer in 2002 after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Southeast College of Technology. Throughout her 16 year career some of her clients have included Eatel, Gartner Films, Kayu Furniture, St. James Parish Hospital, Monkeys Amok Software Consulting and the Ascension Chamber of Commerce. Katie’s strengths are her work ethic and her keen eye for detail. She is 100% devoted to assisting her clients in an efficient, well organized manner by providing them with high quality work and solutions. Although her background is in print, she also specializes in web design.

    Katie has won many awards for her creative work in the advertising industry. In her free time she also has a passion for interior design. Her personal style includes an eclectic mix of modern and vintage, with a little splash of bohemian. Katie is a free spirit who is grateful for the opportunity to do what she loves every day.

Bret Lovetro
  • Bret Lovetro

    Content Curator

    Bret's career blends artistic ingenuity and scientific inquisitiveness, skillfully capturing moments through a camera lens, fostering profound connections, all imbued with meticulous attention and insatiable exploration.

    Bret was born at the intersection of art and science. As a child, the margins of his notebooks were full of drawings and sketches. As a teen, he would constantly tinker with small electronics and sometimes even fix them. As an adult, he became an avid people watcher and obsessed with studying culture. His insatiable curiosity for how things work and interest in human behavior has been the driving force behind his work as a creative.

    After completing his BFA, he realized he couldn’t pick just one career. After a successful start in graphic design, he grew tired of life in front of the computer. Eventually, he picked up a camera and began documenting his clients’ work and businesses. He quickly found joy in the interactions and relationships this led to. He would spend the next ten years of his life going behind the scenes in many different places and meeting a host of interesting characters along the way.

    Bret has spent well over a decade working to produce well-polished, thoughtful content for clients. Each assignment is greeted with a smile and can-do attitude. Attention to detail is one of his super-powers as well as his ability to consume copious amounts of coffee. When he’s not focused on chasing an idea down a rabbit hole, he’s usually ruminating on the next one. In his personal life, Bret enjoys creating abstract photographs, writing and producing music. His favorite pastime is having a silly-goose time with his two young sons.

Gabbie Taylor
  • Gabbie Taylor

    Project Coordinator

    With a passion for effective marketing strategies, Gabbie thrives in creative problem solving and excels in group collaboration to drive successful, impactful results.

    Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Gabbie graduated from Louisiana State University with a major in Marketing, concentrating in Digital Marketing, with a minor in Music. During her time in college she found her passion for marketing from working both B2B and B2C Marketing internships. Since then, she has worked in Account Management, collaborating and delivering high quality results for clients in the different facets of the marketing industry. As Project Coordinator, she brings her experience in reporting, quality assurance and campaign management to ensure Brew is servicing its clients to the fullest extent. She loves keeping busy with her family and friends by traveling, going to music events, and trying new dinner places around town.

Mike Jackson
  • Mike Jackson

    Front-end Website Developer

    Mike is the technical brains behind our journey-driven, technically-sound websites which are built to increase clients’ online brand presence and digital reach.

    Mike is a front-end web developer, who began coding when he was young, making websites for his favorite Pokemon. He held a few different technology jobs early in his career before finding his passion in website development. Earning a degree in Entertainment Technology (Associate of Applied Sciences) is where his development journey began. After finding work in the advertising industry as a developer, Mike developed a love for helping local businesses reach their business goals by increasing their web presence with beautiful, responsive websites.

    At Brew, Mike continues his work by leveraging the web and technology to increase our clients’ digital reach and footprint. He also assists the digital team with Google Analytics, email marketing, digital media pixel implementation and other tracking tools required for our digital campaigns.

Megan Howard Kelly
  • Megan Howard Kelly


    Megan Howard Kelly, a Baton Rouge native, is a proud wife and Mom of two sweet little girls. She began her career in the news broadcast field as a TV producer/reporter for the CBS affiliate WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge. She dedicated several years learning the market and developing lasting relationships. It was here that her passion for Public relations really began. Megan has worked with and represented companies, small businesses, churches and non-profits in the public relations and crisis management field.