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It takes hustle to build a company and sometimes years before you really know who you are and what you do best. Whether you’ve only got three years under your belt, or a 25+ year history, more than likely your business has evolved. Your brand should reflect that evolution. We can help align your company’s brand to better fit who you are today.

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Before you re-brand your company, collaborate with us to determine a strategy for your brand. Here are a few things we can help you with along the way.

  • Brand Strategy – Workshop Series
    Everything starts with your brand. It’s the single most important piece of your marketing communication, and it’s much more than just your logo. It represents who you are as a company and is the culmination of all experiences and interactions with your customers, team, products and services. It is also what separates you from your competition. Our approach to strategic branding is to first, take a look inside, and then work our way out. Re-branding can only be successful if it’s reflective of an organization’s true nature, culture and operating model. It’s important to align the internal beliefs and behaviors of an organization with the experience and external communication of the brand. This methodology helps builds relationships and brand loyalty.
  • Focus Groups
    Ask the customer what they want. Then give it to them! Sometimes the most obvious answers can be at your fingertips, but you won't really know for sure unless the right questions get asked, in the right room, by the right people. Understanding what your customer or team really thinks of your brand can be an eye-opening experience. It can validate what you are thinking, or completely change your course of direction. Either way, focus groups will give you unbiased data that can inform educated business and marketing decisions.
  • Brand Identity – Comprehensive System
    The visual expression of every brand should reflect the core values of the company as well as establish an emotional connection with it’s customers. A logo is only an entry point to the brand. It must be distinctive, creative and versatile. Every additional piece of communication we craft should speak in one voice and reflect the same unified key messages, brand promise and personality. Our comprehensive systems are customizable and may include logo development, icons, typography, color palette, business papers, presentation templates, photography and a brand standards guide.
  • Website – Design & Development
    With multiple functions in one website, it is our first priority to build a seamless back-end system that integrates all desired functions. Your content management system and any additional software requirements must be considered and planned properly to maximize efficiency for both design and overall usability. Digital experiences are key to make an impact and ultimately keep users coming back for more. With millions of competing sites on the internet, it’s important to design a website that is well branded, creative and memorable. Our creative approach is strategic and intentional to make sure we connect with our users both visually and verbally.
  • Marketing Plan
    Launching a new brand into the market should be planned and targeted to reach your target audience effectively. Whether through traditional media and advertising or digital media and social networks, we can create a tactical plan that will maximize your marketing budget.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    Regardless of your business goals, it’s paramount to have a digital marketing strategy in place that supports them. Search engine rankings determine your placement on search results page, and we can help you develop a plan to rank higher and drive more traffic. Through options like search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, paid search, display advertising and email marketing, we can develop a targeted digital strategy that puts your marketing budget to good use and delivers results.
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  • Branding is at the core of everything we do.

  • We understand the evolution of business and can upgrade your identity while still respecting where you came from.

  • We are experienced in relationship building. Getting personal is our secret sauce!

But Don't Take it From Us...

quotationITinspired chose the amazing Brew creative team to aid us in our re-branding and marketing efforts. Marie has been instrumental in creating the blueprints for a marketing plan and company identity that we will use to successfully differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Brew has incredible customer service and a comprehensive menu of services that fill all of our marketing needs. We are grateful to have Brew Agency behind our marketing and proud to have Brew as part of our work family!"

Rob Wise
President / CEO, ITinspired
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