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Looking for the perfect ying to your yang? One of our core strengths is working side-by-side awesome, in-house marketing and communications teams. If your company already has a marketing department and needs an extra set of hands, we specialize in this type of support. Adapting to your workflow is our specialty.

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Whether helping with overflow work, or quick-turn projects, we can work along side any marketing and communications team to collaborate and deliver results. Here are a few examples of some work we’ve done for other corporate clients.

  • Brand Strategy – Workshop Series
    Our strategic approach to branding takes a deep-dive into your organization by working together with your key leaders, executives and stakeholders to align your culture, marketing and business goals. A successful brand strategy reflects an organization’s core beliefs, mission and vision for the future. When your external communications reflect your internal behaviors, you are able to build brand loyalty through lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Brand Identity – Comprehensive System
    A strong visual identity system reflects a company’s core values and creates an emotional connection with their customers through consistency. Developing a comprehensive set of brand standards helps establish and implement those guidelines which builds brand loyalty. Each communication piece should speak in one unified voice and reflect the same key messages, brand promise and personality. Our comprehensive brand systems are custom built for each client and includes items such as cross-media logo guidelines, logo extensions and icons, typography and color usage guidelines, business collateral and presentation templates.  
  • Collateral, Sales Materials & Presentations
    Well-crafted presentations and marketing materials can enhance your brand's image and can leave a lasting impression with potential customers and even in-house teams. Our designs are always personalized and customized for your brand, and we know how to respect and follow any brand standards or guidelines that are already in place.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    Whether trying to grow consumer awareness, customer retention or increase sales, it’s important to have a digital strategy in place first. Your site’s search engine rankings determine your placement on a search page. We can help establish a plan to increase your rankings online and drive additional traffic to your website using various digital media channels. Which opportunities are going to be most effective in reaching your target audience? Search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, Google AdWords, display advertising, email marketing are all possibilities. Proper research will inform a targeted strategy that can make your marketing budget more effective and deliver a higher return on investment.
  • Focus Groups
    Sometimes the most obvious answers can be at your fingertips, but you won't really know for sure unless the right questions get asked, in the right room, by the right people. Understanding what your customer or team really thinks of your brand can be an eye-opening experience. It can validate what you are thinking, or completely change your course of direction. Either way, focus groups will give you unbiased data that can inform educated business and marketing decisions.
  • Marketing Plan
    Working alongside many in-house marketing teams, we understand the importance of a fresh perspective. Our priority is always to understand your business and marketing objectives first. From traditional to digital advertising, our team can provide a strategic marketing and tactical plan that maximizes your budget and delivers results.
  • Website – Design & Development
    One of our primary goals when developing a website is to build a seamless content management system that is easy to manage and grows with you. Our thorough website strategy and planning phase takes your individual needs into consideration and builds a plan that maximizes efficiency for both design and user experience. We build websites that captivate and keep users engaged with your brand. Your website should be a customized experience, both for you and users, and should include everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our strategic approach delivers a result that is memorable, scalable, and supports your brand visually and verbally.
  • Voice of the Customer Insights
    Garnering one-on-one conversations with customers, target demographics or even internal teams can clarify and inform difficult business decisions. Understanding the true perception of a brand, company or product is key to knowing what's best for your customers and target audience – which is usually what's best for your business. Our Voice of the Customer research will provide key insights that can drive marketing strategies and even operational changes that keep your business needle moving in the right direction.
  • Media Strategy
    Gathering valuable media research can give your company an accurate understanding of who your audience is and how they use media. This is key to developing a successful advertising or marketing campaign. Using both qualitative and quantitative data provides us with the necessary customer insight to achieve our marketing objectives and support other marketing efforts.
  • Integrated Advertising Campaigns
    Successful advertising can open doors to many opportunities for your business. For your message to resonate with your customer, your company’s fundamental message should be delivered in a unique, clear way that your audience can relate to. Supported by thoughtful research and strategic insights, our creative can help inspire your audience to take action while building brand awareness and driving sales.
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  • We respect, understand and follow brand standards, even if we didn’t create them.

  • We eat deadlines for breakfast.

  • We bring a fresh perspective and can spark inspiration into your in-house team.

But Don't Take it From Us...

quotationI had the pleasure of working with Brew as a retained consultant for branding and design services. While our newly formed Communications and Brand team was growing, Brew served as a partner to help us refresh our brand including a competitor brand analysis; consulted and created event sponsorship displays giving us a strong, unified presence; and acted as an extension of our team supporting a multitude of design projects, most of which were quick-turn. Brew fully integrated with our team forming strong bonds and quickly learned our business. Brew even consulted on the evolution of our team and ultimately helped us hire in the right talent. BREW IS A PARTNER FOR LIFE.”

Leslee Mallinson
Sr. Director, Brand and Communications, Balfour Beatty Construction
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