Marie Powell Podcast


Founder and CEO of Brew Agency, Marie Powell, recently participated in a podcast produced by Jason Roussell, of FoundersBR. FoundersBR is a podcast series that shares stories of Baton Rouge’s business leaders and creators. In this podcast, Marie shares how she worked her way up the creative ladder to get where she is today. She speaks about the path she took when starting Brew and how it has made a positive impact on her life. Listen on to learn about the creative mastermind behind the award-winning advertising company, Brew Agency. 


Topics Discussed:

  • Creating a different business model 
  • Growing from a one-woman show to a full agency 
  • Leadership style and serving others
  • Structure and flexibility in the workplace
  • The importance of mentorship and guidance 
  • Influential books 


Listen to the podcast on ITUNES or ONLINE

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