Designing Your Decisions

Technology and design have become synonymous with each other. In the past, we created by hand, but nowadays we rely heavily on computers and special programs to help with the task. Likewise, functionality is no longer the only factor in emerging technology. Consumers expect their devices to not only perform, but also look sleek and provide a memorable user experience.

However, design is all around us – not just in advertisements and technological devices. It branches into furniture, vehicles, paper goods, and home décor. The list is endless, and it can truly be said that design touches every aspect of our lives, whether we notice it or not. In fact, it can be argued that successful design is not the most noticeable, but instead, that which provides a solution effectively, efficiently, and in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Since we are in fact surrounded by design, and good design also provides a solution, we have developed a theory. If you are a business owner searching for a thoughtful, innovative, & effective solution for your business, why not take a page from your designer’s handbook and employ some of the same considerations they use in their design process?

Here are a few ways you can think like a designer:
  • Concept
    In the beginning of a project, many designers begin with concept development techniques. We write, draw, sketch, research, and brainstorm. This lays the foundation for the overall direction of the project and allows us to consider all of the options without fear of being “wrong.” During this phase, there are no bad ideas! Each one can be considered, altered, or rejected until on emerges as the best solution.
  • Relevancy
    A good designer understands that the final product should strike a chord with its intended audience. With all of the noise in the marketplace, consumers want something they can relate to. Help them cut through the noise and navigate them straight to your brand with relevant content. Understanding your consumer and how to communicate with them is key, now more than ever.
  • Target
    Speaking of your audience, do you know who they are? Do you truly know your customers and understand their needs? Every brand wants to reach as many people as possible, but focusing in on your target market is really the answer. Truly successful brands know how to reach and nurture this segment of the population, not just the masses.
  • Functionality
    Once you understand your customers, you will have a better picture of their needs, and in turn, a better idea of how to solve their problems. Good design provides a solution. If you start with the solution, it is much easier for good design to fall into place. And a solution that is both beautiful and effective is pure

At BREW, we put a lot of emphasis on our process – the strategic planning and execution of every idea, project, or decision. We take our time and consider each step carefully for the best end result. Why not give it a go in your own business, regardless of the industry? Let us know how it turns out!