Brew Family

This new blog series highlights some of the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategies. The first of these values is a favorite among most! We asked members of the Brew team to tell us about the importance of FAMILY in their own words.

To make this value even more special, we held our first annual Family Day. All the members of our team got the chance to spend quality time with their families, sponsored by Brew!


Principal / Creative Director

The purpose behind Brew’s existence quickly became much more than just doing great work. As a working wife and mom, I had struggled in the past to find a balance between my family and career. I left the agency world to start my own company so I could set my own hours and be there for my family when they needed me. This lifestyle change invigorated both my career and my creativity. With a newfound passion for happiness and work/life balance, I knew there were others out there searching for the same.

Here at Brew, family comes first. Our business model and overall work environment is family-friendly and flexible to an extreme! When our home life is in order, it’s so much easier to focus on work when we are away from our families. Beyond our home lives, we also encourage and expect each other to develop both our team and client relationships as if they are an extension of our own families!


Art Director / Front-End Web Developer

I love my family, and I love my work. Moreover, I love being in an environment where I don’t feel like I need to choose between the two. One of the best parts of being part of the Brew team is that it allows me to have the balance that I need in order to be fully present for my family, but also fully invested in my career and creative development. I think something special about our team is that we understand that happy people produce happy results – when we allow each other to put our families and personal lives first without judgment, we allow that same positivity and passion to spill into our client work as well, and I think that shows!


Project Manager / Copywriter

What would I do without my family? They keep me grounded, they keep me motivated, they keep me smiling, they keep me laughing and they keep me feeling blessed every day. Family is an integral part of our lives, and in today’s fast paced world, family is too often neglected because of work obligations we may have. Why should we ever have to choose between the people we love and what we love to do?

It is exciting to work for an agency where family is a highly valued principle. Knowing that family is a top priority for those around me gives me a great sense of comfort and re-assurance. My ability to be there for my family, while not having to make sacrifices in my career is more than I could have asked for in a workplace. Brew is truly unique in this quality. With that being said, this value has done something even more special for me. It has given me another family: my Brew Family!



Family means my world. Without them I would not be where I am today.  My family is important to me because they are there when I need them the most. They are there to listen, cry and laugh with me. Our family doesn’t just mean blood relatives. Our family means “Aunts & Uncles” who are just good friends that our kids think are their aunt and uncle. To them and to us, they are our family.



To me, family means that I will always have people that I can count on. Loyalty is extremely important to me because it gives me stability and helps guide me through life. Through good times and bad, family will always support me with love and acceptance. This gives me a sense of belonging and makes me a stronger person.



I consider family to be my utmost important core value. It’s powered by so much love, connection, loyalty, respect and stability. But most importantly, it’s adaptable. You don’t have to be blood-related in order to be considered family. Being able to expand upon your family and build new relationships is what makes it such a valuable aspect of life. It’s one thing that makes my job here at Brew so wonderful. Because family is of such high importance to this business, I’m able to spend an adequate amount of time between work and home while still building new relationships with clients and of course, my Brew family. Making connections with people, building those relationships that bring joy and value to your life, and creating memories and experiences that last a lifetime; that’s what family does for you, and it’s an incredible thing!

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