The King of Brands

It is inevitable – brands large and small will more than likely go through a period of growth and change at some point.

Times change, customers’ tastes and needs vary, and sometimes the structure of the company itself goes through its own transformation. Whether the evolution is a product of internal or external factors, it is important to reflect that in the company’s visual identity.


One of the most recognizable brands today and one of our favorite brews, Budweiser, has undergone quite a transformation since its inception over 150 years ago. The company has persevered through major challenges like the Prohibition era (when they began selling non-alcoholic beverages to survive) and the more health-conscious movements of today (remaining the King of Beers with their offshoot products like Bud Light and flavored brews like the Lime-a-Rita). Through the years, the company has faced both trials and triumphs with on-target marketing campaigns and a constantly evolving brand. Who can forget the Budweiser Frogs of the 90s, or the “Wassup?” campaign that followed in the years to come? Budweiser has created an iconic brand that has remained not only recognizable, but also comfortably familiar throughout its years of evolution.


Credit: Fast Co.

So our secret is out ­– as a branding agency, our goal is to create the next Budweiser! When we approach a re-branding project with this mentality – how can we improve the brand’s appearance to reflect change, while maintaining its core identity – we know we can’t go wrong.


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