Building out the envisionment of your brand is not an easy task. Branding is more than just a logo with a memorable tagline. It’s a representation of who you are at your core; it gives your team direction for the future and explains why you come to work every day. It should inspire, and it should be part of your company’s culture. Having a purpose that means something to others will drive success for your brand while also setting up a platform for growth. Branding doesn’t happen overnight or even in a couple of months. Branding takes precise planning and relentless advocacy to be successful.

You may be asking, “So what exactly is the definition of a brand?” It’s a word that is widely used but its meaning is often unknown to many. Your brand is simply everything your customers think about your product or service, from its visual identity to the emotional impact it has on customers, and everything else in between. According to Forbes, “your ‘brand’ is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand name”. Establishing a shared understanding of your brand will further propel your business forward to reach its full potential. 

A successful brand helps deliver consistency across your entire business. Your website, signage/packaging, social media, customer service, and many more aspects must all be consistent in communication and experience. At Brew, branding is at the core of everything we do. We believe that good branding is not only needed, but it is necessary for a business to truly succeed. Marie Powell, CEO of Brew Agency says,

Building a brand is not for the faint of heart. No matter the industry, every brand must be able to connect and communicate its value to its customers. We look to understand that each audience is unique, and we must meet them where they are. Connecting to your audience on an emotional level builds relationships over time and creates brand loyalty.” 

While every company has a brand today — very few have done the work to properly align it with their marketing, culture and operating model. Please follow along as we share a case study on one of our clients, Oak Parc Events, and see how rebranding has transformed their business.  

Event venues Oak Lodge and Parc 73 approached Brew initially with a website conversion problem. They were spending thousands of dollars in advertising, yet found their website was falling short of converting website activity into qualified leads. The two event venues were being marketed as two separate brands with two different websites that were not getting the traffic volume or lead conversions necessary to survive. Additionally, the two websites mirrored each other in design and content, causing confusion amongst consumers and poor search engine rankings.

Oak Parc Website

In order to meet their business goals, we had to rethink the brand, website and marketing tactics. After our preliminary research and discovery phase, we recommended a rebrand to better convey the relationship between the two businesses and their unique capabilities as multi-location event spaces. Through several strategic planning sessions, we built a single website for both properties and combined the best of both properties to present a strong, unified website supported by a healthy SEO structure.

Oak Parc Stationery

Ah finally, the results, this what everybody wants to see!

: : Leads more than doubled each month for the first 3 months

: : Value of leads doubled (for example wedding leads increased from $8-10K to $15-18K each on average)

: : SEO rankings deliver first-page results on all keywords

: : The campaign led to the highest monthly sales ever for the company

Brands are built by what you do, what you believe, how you act, and what you deliver. At Brew, we can help align your company’s brand to better fit who you are today. If your business is interested in our branding services or would like to know more, visit our contact page today or call us at 225.663.2737.

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