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This blog series highlights some of the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategies. We asked members of the Brew team to tell us about the importance of EDUCATION in their own words.



Growing up with parents who were college professors, learning and mentoring was something that was instilled in me at a very young age. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my parents were setting me up for a life-long journey of learning.

Now many years later, I’m so grateful to have found a career that keeps me growing and learning every day. I love partnering with new clients and learning about new industries, people and products that continuously push me to seek new ways of thinking and new methods to solve problems.

At Brew, one of our core strengths is our team’s versatility.

I believe this strength is a direct result of our team’s hard work and dedication, coupled with the support of a unique BrewEDU program that cultivates continued education and learning. Because of this program, everyone on our team has grown tremendously over the past few years; pursuing new skills in areas we had no idea we were capable of.

I’m really proud of our team – each person is always willing to go to uncomfortable places of the “unknown” to find new solutions that help solve our clients’ challenges. It’s not always easy, and takes grit, passion and perseverance. There is no better reward to see the results and success that can be accomplished with a little hard work and a willingness to learn.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss



Our industry is constantly evolving and changing. It’s our job to stay on top of the latest information and trends out there, so we can provide our clients with the most cutting-edge solutions. As a designer, my personal style has evolved so much through the years, both as a reflection of where I am in life and of the new skills that I have developed. If I have learned one thing through the years, it’s that there is always more to learn!

Something I love about agency life is that I am continuously learning something new just from being around other creatives – a keyboard shortcut, an exciting new app, or an interesting blog post we’ve shared around the office. For me personally, I really enjoy expanding on my web development and digital strategy skills. It’s something that several years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d even be interested in, but now I’m passionate about. It can be difficult and a little scary to tackle learning a completely new skill, but by continuing to learn new things, we all have the ability to bring fresh ideas to the table and push our work to the next level!



The advertising/branding industry is ever changing, especially in the digital realm. Though I value what I learned at LSU, it’s still so important to stay up to date with current trends and news in the industry. What once was considered a “best practice” might one day be obsolete, and it’s our job to stay on top of that and inform our clients accordingly.

I’m so thankful that Brew understands this and encourages us to continue our education to further our knowledge and the company’s knowledge. Because we stay so up-to-date, we’ve been able to implement important website updates for our clients based on Google changes that could have negatively impacted their website. It was awesome to see our education value come to life for the good of the client!



To me, education is not just about having a degree or how much schooling you’ve received. It’s about how much you can learn on a day-to-day basis and how much you want to learn. I have learned more from working, than I did when I was in school, and that is helping me to become a better person. What I did get out of school was how to focus and put my efforts into something until the job is done.

I feel like continuing education doesn’t necessarily mean learning from a classroom setting, but learning from new experiences and peers daily. Since starting with Brew almost 3 years ago it has been such a great learning experience. I have learned more than just accounting, I have also learned things about websites and marketing I never knew before! I am in the process of becoming a Quickbooks Pro Advisor, and I can thank Brew for helping me to realize I wanted learn to do more and grow as an individual. I love my Brew family!



With being a graphic designer, it is paramount that I stay educated on constantly changing applications, trends and, of course, technology. Becoming complacent in this industry could the beginning of the end of your career. If you stop learning, you are basically moving backward. Brew has been amazing with making sure I am constantly learning and growing. I just recently started teaching myself Adobe After Effects. If it weren’t for Brew, I would have never pushed myself to learn it. Now I can proudly say that I can design motion graphics. Constantly learning leads to an exciting and fun career!



For me, education means a lot. For us to evolve and to steadily keep up with daily changes in this world, we must continue to learn new things. In the design world, technology and styles are forever advancing and changing and will quickly leave us designers in the dust if we choose to stay still. My dream is to become a famous designer one-day and I can never achieve that goal if I never push myself to learn new things! Inspiration is a huge motivator for me to further educate myself within the Graphic Design field. If I see work that completely “wows” me, I don’t want to only admire it but understand their process so my work can continue to improve! I’m always looking for ways to expand my talent and education is the key source for this goal.


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