Brew Adaptability

This blog series highlights some of the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategies. We asked members of the Brew team to tell us about the importance of ADAPTABILITY in their own words.


Principal / Creative Director

Change is constant. Adaptability is essential for survival and can fuel creative thinking and problem solving. At Brew, we are constantly adapting to new and innovative technologies and marketing strategies that increase productivity and provide exceptional results for our clients.

Change can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but when embraced, originality and growth will conquer!


Art Director / Front-End Web Developer

I just had a baby in November, and I can say with certainty that I am in a season of change and adaptability! As a working mother of two young children, my schedule can get pretty hectic, but I’ve learned that the best way to cope is to be organized but flexible. Adaptability is a crucial trait, not just for me as a mother, but for all of us here at Brew. We have to look ahead and plan the best we can, but also be willing to pivot those plans if the need arises. We are here to serve our clients the best we can, and being amenable to their needs is a must. Whether it’s a tight deadline, a change of direction in the concept, or a production problem, we must be ready and willing to tackle it all in order to deliver the caliber of service we promise.

Technology is the key factor that has allowed us to be accommodating to all of our team members’ and clients’ needs. We use organization tools like Basecamp and cloud-based storage like Dropbox to stay productive even if we’re not in the office, and we can stay in constant contact with each other no matter where we are through chat or video conferencing with clients. For me personally, our “mobile office” culture means that I can be available for our clients when they need us most, but I can also tailor my work environment and schedule to meet the needs of my family.

Change is constant, and often uncomfortable, but it brings the greatest opportunities for growth and creativity. I’m grateful to work for a company that understands that, and values my personal development as much as my professional development. Knowing that makes it easier to be back at work after my maternity leave, or put in extra hours for a tight-turn project, or pick up the slack if a coworker is out sick. We’re all in it together, and our willingness to adapt to each other’s needs makes us the caring, committed company that we are.


Project Manager / Copywriter

In the world, and in the advertising and creative industry specifically, change is as inevitable as the sky is blue. How we accept and work with that change makes us who we are, not only as member of a company or organization, but as a person. By constantly challenging ourselves to accept change, try new things and venture out, we are expanding ourselves as people.

Adaptability has been a huge part of my life both in and outside of my time at Brew. In June of 2016, I began working remotely for the agency, which brought about a variety of new challenges, all of which the team and I welcomed. It was difficult for us to adapt to not having face to face interaction every day, but in my opinion, we thrived in this model of communication far beyond anything we expected. The team became more productive than ever, and we found ways to communicate even more effectively.

There is much to be learned in the process of adapting. I know that it can be hard to accept change and take the leap, but I’ve learned that in every instance, I have become a better person and creative for it.


Senior Designer

Adaptability is crucial in my line of work. As a designer, I must be flexible. My work depends on it.

Computer technology is ever-changing. The programs we use on a daily basis are constantly being upgraded with new technology and features. If you don’t keep up, you will quickly be left in the dust. One must be able to cope with constant changes.

Not only do we have to be flexible with learning new technology, but we also have to be flexible when collaborating with both the client and within our own design team. Being able to take criticism is mandatory. Just because we like something doesn’t mean everyone will. You have to be able to bend and alter your work when other people just aren’t feeling it. You must be open to change and a team player. We can’t let our personal style get in the way. My personal style may be a mix of modern and vintage, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Designers have to be chameleons in a way. We have to keep up with current trends to keep our work fresh and exciting.

I, for one, embrace change. It keeps things exciting and fun, and without it, we will never grow.


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